What is This Wiki All About?

Mormon culture is loaded with all sorts of oddities, both good and bad. This wiki is all about taking a cynical and humorous look at our cultural oddities. Much like TV Tropes, this wiki uses informal language and doesn't give much of a crap about notability. If it happens in more than one ward/mission/stake/whatever, it's fair game. But please, please do not make any detailed references to temple ordinances. This is a public wiki and is not an appropriate outlet for that.

This wiki started as an ever-growing Google Doc list between two lifelong best friends who developed a deservedly cynical outlook on Mormon culture during their time at BYU. (Who wouldn't after dealing with Utah for over 3 years?) They realized that this list grew, it became necessary to better organize it into a wiki.

Funny thing is: it started as a testimony meeting bingo list. Funny how life works, isn't it?

This is not an anti-Mormon wiki. Any detailed references to temple ordinances, blatant mockery of sacred things, and malicious misrepresentation of doctrine or church history will be deleted without question and the person who posts such content will be permanently banned. Consider this your warning.


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